There is no question that the gap is widening between today’s increasingly powerful ultrasound imaging systems and radiology PACS. However, the reasons for this ultrasound barrier aren’t always well understood.

PACS fulfills its intended purpose admirably—supporting modalities with static, parallel, grey-scale images. But it falls short in doing the same for ultrasound, where nonparallel, color images predominate and clip dynamics reveal the real diagnostic story.

Naturally, this PACS performance gap creates real challenges to achieving excellence in ultrasound in five critical areas:

Restoring Excellence in Ultrasound

It would be one thing if PACS was correcting this ultrasound shortfall. Instead the gap keeps widening as ultrasound continually advances. Still, these impediments to ultrasound excellence are surmountable, but only one solution succeeds in all regards. The Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™. This website is dedicated to helping you understand how the Imorgon System can help your radiology team break the ultrasound barrier.