Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Imorgon Medical was founded in 2006 by ultrasound industry leaders whose professional lives have been dedicated to delivering excellence in ultrasound. Our experienced core team comprises PACS pioneers and innovators who excel in ultrasound workflow analysis and take a client-centered, consultative approach to help you improve radiology department effectiveness. Our technology development process has been rigorous, as depicted in the diagram below, and many new developments are underway.

Your Partner in the ACA Era

In this Affordable Care Act (ACA) era, Imorgon is at the forefront of ultrasound innovation, a leader in the ultrasound resurgence. Each day we help healthcare organizations rediscover the performance, efficacy and value that only ultrasound can provide. Imorgon’s focus on ultrasound excellence ultimately helps providers achieve their goals of meaningful use including improved quality, safety and efficiency and reduced disparities of care.