Imorgon Announces Strategic Partnership with CLICKVIEW Bringing Advanced Reporting and Efficiency to Ultrasound

SAN FRANCISCO & REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 23, 2012 – Imorgon, a developer of advanced integrated software solutions that enable the full potential of diagnostic ultrasound, and CLICKVIEW, the leading provider of innovative, full cycle information management systems for ultrasound practioners, have entered into a strategic partnership. The collaboration is designed to improve the quality of patient care in Radiology and Perinatology through the seamless integration of ultrasound reporting for all procedures.

“Imorgon is thrilled about its new partnership with CLICKVIEW, as it augments our IntegratedUltrasound solution by offering efficient access to structured reporting for all procedures in Radiology and Perinatal imaging,” said Lloyd Kreuzer, president and chief executive officer, Imorgon. “As a result, workflow will be streamlined and diagnostic capabilities enhanced. This same seat access to PACS, advanced ultrasound diagnostics and reporting delivers cost savings to the hospital or imaging center without any compromise to patient care.”

Imorgon’s IntegratedUltrasound solution offers advanced image management and display functionality for diagnostic accuracy and efficient workflow. The software solution is optimized for viewing ultrasound studies within an integrated, image-viewing environment, enabling physicians to automatically display all of a patient’s ultrasound studies, including clips and still images simultaneously on the same workstation used to view PACS images. In addition, Imorgon’s integration offers comprehensive, instant access to all of a patient’s prior imaging data from CT, MRI and ultrasound, without switching workstations or re-entering patient data.

The company’s IntegratedUltrasound products are based on the DICOM industry standard for transferring images and other medical information between computers, and on the HL7 communications standard for HIS. In addition, Imorgon’s solution allows automatic transfer of measurements made on the ultrasound system during a patient’s exam directly into the patient report, reducing reporting errors and improving patient safety.

“This partnership with Imorgon will provide physicians and sonographers a more accurate, efficient, cost-effective solution that directly translates to better care for our patients,” said David A. Martinez, M.D., chief executive officer, CLICKVIEW. “Since our inception, CLICKVIEW has devoted major resources to improving the quality of patient care by providing accurate reports, streamlining physician workflow, lowering costs, and thus improving the customer’s overall bottom line.”

For more than two decades, CLICKVIEW has pioneered the design and development of highly scalable and cost effective clinical information systems, which utilize the latest in Web technology to provide clearer, easier to understand, and more accurate communication for all types of ultrasound reports to referring physicians.

The company’s focus is Informatics for ultrasound professionals. The CLICKVIEW 7i offers Radiology and Perinatology professionals each distinct automatic full cycle information management including: automatic data acquisition, paperless data management, electronic worksheets, graphical display structured reports that include anatomical illustrations, tables and trending of tumor growth, and direct export of DICOM structured reporting data directly to voice recognition system templates.

About Imorgon

Founded by ultrasound industry veterans, Imorgon is a leading provider of IntegratedUltrasound solutions. The company’s founders and senior engineers were key members of the technology team that invented ultrasound PACS in the 1990s. Building on decades of ultrasound expertise, Imorgon is dedicated to producing a scalable software solution that offers highly intuitive functionality and enhances the PACS viewing environment, ensuring ease-of-use and the ability to leverage existing IT and infrastructure investments. For additional information, visit


CLICKVIEW Corporation is based in San Francisco. The company’s products include reporting templates for Obstetrics, Gynecology, General Ultrasound (abdomen, renal, liver, pancreas, scrotal, thyroid and others), Duplex Vascular (carotid, upper and lower extremity arterial and venous, aortic-Iliac, renal Doppler, renal transplant, liver transplant, and others). More information about the company, sample reports and technical information may be found at its Web site:

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