The clinical benefits of the Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™ result from advanced software that fully integrates with your existing enterprise workstations and PACS. In addition, the system’s harmonization engine provides vendor-neutral compatibility with the ultrasound systems and dictation systems you’re already using.

Seamless HL7 and DICOM Compliance

While enhancing your PACS’ ultrasound capabilities, the Imorgon System works invisibly, in strict compliance with HL7 and DICOM standards. It interfaces with any ultrasound system capable of sending DICOM Structured Report (SR) data and is fully functional within complex, technically diverse HIS and RIS environments. Reports are consistent no matter which ultrasound system is used to perform a study.

Accurate, Effortless Reporting

Historically, ultrasound report dictation with radiology PACS has been a source of frustration and inefficiency. Not anymore. The functionality engineered into the Imorgon System reduces the time and effort involved in report dictation because it:

  • Translates data from the ultrasound system and transfers it into the voice recognition/dictation system templates, eliminating dictation of numeric data.
  • Auto-populates report templates with measurements, calculations and observations.
  • Eliminates dictation of bone density (DEXA) values with auto-calculated, whole body minimums that are imported directly into the report.
  • Can automatically add sonographer findings to reports, further reducing dictation time.

Excellence Without Costly Extras

By seamlessly integrating with existing PACS workstations, the Imorgon System eliminates the cost and space required for additional hardware. Clinical teams benefit because they can continue using the same worklist and automatically launch and display ultrasound studies. And cost-savings accrue to IT departments though:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Minimized IT footprint
  • Less need for IT support
  • Scalability to accommodate adding ultrasound specialty features like 3D/4D, advanced reporting and contrast viewing

Proven Technology. Dependable Support.

Imorgon Customer Support is there to provide the help you need around-the-clock, including proactively monitoring your system’s “heartbeat” 24 x 7. To help ensure high data availability and security, Imorgon maintains dual, fully redundant servers. System updates are free with your service contract, regardless of the number of workstations you have.