The Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™ provides the advanced ultrasound functionality PACS doesn’t support, enhancing ultrasound along five critical dimensions:

1. Superior Exam Quality

The Imorgon system enables sonographers to perform exams more efficiently, increasing the quality of communication with radiologists. Images and clips are presented, interleaved, in acquisition order to the radiologist—exactly as the sonographer intended. Built-in Quality Control (Q/C) tools help eliminate confusion, errors and impromptu workarounds. These tools also reduce calls to PACS staff for help in correcting errors.

2. Greater Diagnostic Power

The Imorgon System provides access to advanced capabilities that enhance clinical confidence including:

  • 3D/4D and contrast imaging options
  • Intelligent fetching of relevant priors
  • An advanced OB calculations package
  • A digital drawing and annotation tool kit

The system also lets clinicians view and control clips, which play at accurate frame rates and runtimes and enable:

  • Higher quality, faster interpretations
  • Greater accuracy
  • More efficient reporting
  • Reduced chance of overlooking pathology
  • Quicker “normal” exams

3. Streamlined Workflow

With the Imorgon System, the overall management of ultrasound exams and reports becomes simpler and quicker. Still images and clips are presented in interleaved, acquisition order for more logical and efficient review. Electronic forms replace handwritten paper ones, eliminating redundant and error-prone dictation of exam calculations and measurements. Other system features that improve exam efficiency include in-progress review and automatic image and clip updates.

4. Optimized Clip Integration

A major advantage of the Imorgon System is that it displays ultrasound images and clips on the PACS workstation in interleaved, acquisition order. This means exams are presented as the sonographer intended, without forcing the physician to mentally reconstruct the exam or make assumptions about the data, thus providing a more logical, easy-to-follow study presentation.

Clips launch automatically and play at true frame rates and runtimes, leading to more accurate assessments of anatomical orientation and physiological function. This reduces the chance of overlooking pathology and facilitates quicker “normal” exams.

5. More Accurate Reporting

The Imorgon System replaces handwritten paper forms with integrated electronic reporting, seamlessly auto-populating sonographer entries from the ultrasound system directly into the dictation system report template. This eliminates the radiologist’s time-consuming step of repeatedly dictating numbers and values from the exam, an improvement which automatically:

  • Improves reporting accuracy
  • Decreases the time to report study results
  • Increases the number of studies physicians can read each day

By preventing errors and improving the overall ultrasound exam management and reporting process, the Imorgon System ultimately helps radiology departments deliver a higher level of patient care for a reduced cost per study.