The Imorgon System Benefits All Radiology Stakeholders

The advantages of the Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™ extend far beyond the exam room. Ultimately the system’s diagnostic accuracy, reliability and efficiency benefit a wide range of stakeholders throughout your healthcare organization.

  • Patients—experience enhanced safety and satisfaction through more precise, accurate and error-free reports that frequently are completed more quickly.
  • Sonographers—are able to improve the quality of studies, while also performing exams more efficiently, smoothly and with less effort.
  • Radiologists—achieve greater diagnostic confidence and improved workflow efficiencies, leading to a more gratifying professional experience with diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Referring Physicians—know their patients are receiving the most accurate, efficient ultrasound studies—and that reports are more informative and accurate.
  • IT Managers—experience reduced time, cost and effort in supporting ultrasound.
  • Health Care Executives—gain quantifiable support in achieving the seemingly contradictory goals of slashing per-capita costs, while improving quality of care and the overall patient experience.