Ultrasound Ultrasmooth

Every ultrasound exam tells a unique diagnostic story. However, for optimal clinical outcomes, each chapter must unfold during the radiologist’s review in the order the sonographer intended. The Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™ does exactly that, displaying ultrasound still images and clips on the PACS viewing station in interleaved, acquisition order—at true frame rates and runtimes. Since radiologists no longer have to mentally reconstruct the exam or make assumptions about the data, more accurate assessments of anatomical orientation and physiological functioning naturally result.

Q/C Tools Built In

The Imorgon System’s easy-to-use Quality Control (Q/C) tools improve exam quality by enabling sonographers to quickly:

  • Correct study exceptions
  • Correct patient and study information
  • Add and edit annotations
  • Make measurements
  • Delete images
  • Split or merge studies

These Q/C tools also help eliminate time-consuming workarounds and IT interventions, reduce extraneous communication with radiologists, and minimize dependence on the PACS help desk.

Static images and clips are presented in acquisition order for more efficient review.

Using the Q/C workstation, sonographers can easily edit exam data and notes.

The TomTec Imaging System's application for 3D analysis launches quickly and simply.

Electronic worksheets replace inefficient, error-prone handwritten ones.

Drawings can be completed with a few mouse-clicks, and measurements imported automatically.

Worksheets and drawings can readily be incorporated into the image set.

Measurements and observations transfer automatically to dictation system report templates.