Smaller Footprint. Fewer Interventions.

Given concerns about compatibility, space allocation and support requirements, healthcare IT managers carefully consider the impact of adding any new enterprise technology. Fortunately, the Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™ is expressly designed to alleviate such concerns.

The system requires no additional workstation hardware, minimizing your IT footprint. It “shares the glass” with your existing PACS workstations and includes an integrated harmonization engine that provides vendor-neutral support for all major ultrasound systems.

Imorgon’s support of DICOM SR data and electronic worksheets also helps eliminate potential equipment compatibility issues. This built-in support of industry standard technologies significantly reduces the prospect of enterprise workflow disruptions and downtime.

Minimal IT Support Required

The Imorgon System’s seamless PACS integration reduces the time and effort required by IT departments to support enterprise ultrasound imaging. Thanks to the system’s robust, easy to use feature set, sonographers can more easily perform necessary Q/C actions before sending exams along for review. With the Imorgon System, sonographers can more confidently and on their own:

  • Correct study exceptions
  • Correct patient and study information
  • Add and edit annotations
  • Make measurements
  • Delete images
  • Split or merge studies

Convenient Perpetual Licensing

The Imorgon System is licensed to cover your entire site and does not limit the number of connected ultrasound systems or workstations. Please contact us for more information about the advantages and benefits of this expedient licensing arrangement.