Essential Components and Benefits of Enterprise Ultrasound Reporting Software

To take advantage of the benefits of automating, enterprise ultrasound reporting software must have essential components, including the ability to accept many different data sources such as measurements from modalities, ultrasound report worksheets or templates for recording sonographer findings, and integration into a Radiology reporting package. While optional components exist, these three are minimum requirements.


Utilizing DICOM SR and other structured information is the first step towards improving reporting automation. Imorgon provides a unique solution called Report Accelerator, which handles all DICOM SR peculiarities from ultrasound vendors, ensuring complete measurement transfer. Our product supports any modality that creates structured data formats such as CSV and XML files, while our professional services work with you to ensure a complete and flawless implementation. Report Accelerator is typically integrated with Nuance Powerscribe. Measurement transfer is considered an absolute minimum for Reporting Software.


Our customizable electronic worksheets and templates eliminate the need for handwritten notes and worksheets. They improve report speed and quality by directly transferring findings into the radiologist’s structured report and minimize time consuming and error prone dictation. Additionally, they serve as a checklist and training tool for newer employees, travelers, or off-hour employees, ensuring the completeness of an exam.

Our new ScanSide is a breakthrough solution that enables the review of prior study images, reports, measurements, and drawings with a touch device right at the ultrasound system. This functionality is even available while on portables.

By providing all information at the touch of a finger, we believe our solution facilitates a 20% effort reduction for sonographers.


Although considered optional, Sonographer QC workstations allow for quick ‘fixing’ of studies without the tedious and time-consuming need to file a support ticket with IT. The QC workstation enables many departments to quickly:

  • Correct patient and study information
  • Correct mislabeled images
  • Make measurements
  • Delete images
  • Split or merge studies


In conclusion, enterprise ultrasound reporting software with essential components such as DICOM SR, ultrasound report worksheets or templates, and integration into a Radiology reporting package, along with optional components such as ScanSide and Sonographer QC workstations, can significantly improve the reporting process, reduce sonographer effort, and help enjoy the benefit of automating.