Smartly designed
solutions that bring the
future of ultrasound
to you.

 Imorgon Workstation with PowerScribe 360

Imorgon’s IntegratedUltrasound

We create software solutions that fundamentally change
the efficiency and diagnostic quality of ultrasound
in hospitals and imaging centers.

Imorgon’s IntegratedUltrasound effectively reduces the
time it takes for Sonographers and Radiologists to perform ultrasound exams and report important patient data.

Our innovative software solutions connect existing and
new technologies to ensure accurate diagnostic
quality, seamless workflow efficiencies and user
confidence for improved patient safety
and peace of mind.


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Imorgon Showcases Integrated Ultrasound Solutions at RSNA 2013

Learn how Imorgon’s Report Accelerator and Ultrasound View Can Dramatically Improve Productivity and Diagnostic Quality of Ultrasound.


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Imorgon's Report Accelerator

Learn how to eliminate numeric dictation with Imorgon’s Report Accelerator