Reporting Software & Ultrasound Reading Tools

A Radiologist using reporting software to complete a structured report for an ultrasound exam.

Imorgon provides innovative reporting software and ultrasound reading software to streamline the process of structured reporting. Our products will enhance the quality of your reports while significantly reducing the time to produce them.

Motivation – Why Dedicated Ultrasound Reporting Software

The demand for diagnostic imaging exams is increasing rapidly, but the number of radiologists and technologists has not kept pace. The obvious impact is longer hours, increased stress, and even burnout. Less discussed is the potential for diagnostic errors, which studies have shown can impact up to 5% of reports and contribute to 10% of deaths.1 Additionally, over 40% of referrers complain that diagnostic reports are confusing and do not address their clinical questions.2

Our tools help radiologists and technologists automate the reporting process by eliminating redundant activities, leading to higher-quality reports with greater efficiency, reducing errors, and improving patient outcomes. The primary focus is to remove unnecessary dictation or picklist selections. This article [link] discusses the key steps and motivation in detail.

Ultrasound Reporting Software and DICOM SR

Improve productivity and streamline your reporting process with Imorgon’s advanced ultrasound reporting software. Our software offers two essential features that enhance efficiency and accuracy.

First, Imorgon extracts measurements from various data sources and imaging modalities, such as DICOM SR from Ultrasound and DEXA. These measurements are automatically inserted or ‘merged into your Radiology reporting software, typically Nuance Powerscribe. Automatic insertion of measurements into the Radiology reporting software will eliminate 50% of the fields that need dictation [link]. We also ensure consistency in measurement units (mm vs. cm), digits of precision (x.xx vs. x.x), and even max/min/avg values. Unlike other solutions that regularly fail in transferring measurements, Imorgon’s product and expertise ensure that all measurements are transferred all the time.

The second crucial feature, as it makes up the remaining 50% of fields in a reporting template, is customized ultrasound worksheets. Imorgon’s customized ultrasound templates eliminate handwritten notes, scanned paper, and emails as communication mediums with the Radiologist. Like measurement transfer, qualitative exam findings are inserted into your Radiology reporting software template. This approach surpasses other solutions that store worksheet images in PACS and require redundant manual reporting by Radiologists – often problem-prone dictating. Additionally, these worksheets serve as comprehensive checklists and training tools, guaranteeing the completeness of each exam.

Imorgon’s Report Accelerator combines both measurement transfer and electronic worksheets, providing a comprehensive ultrasound reporting solution. Join the many others who have said goodbye to redundant, time-consuming data entry and embraced the benefits of automated reporting software.

Ultrasound Reading and PACS

For sites with a high ultrasound workload, the reading environment is key to reporting quality and efficiency. PACS viewing stations continue with an inflexible and suboptimal ultrasound review experience. Imorgon View displays ultrasound images and clips in acquisition order, with clips automatically playing. Many physicians discuss the importance of capturing clips [Dr Roy Filly] and reading of clips for diagnosis [Dr Ann Podrasky]. Imorgon continues to innovate the Ultrasound Reading environment by innovating hanging protocols to enable the filtering and reviewing of exams by protocol step. Lastly, for those who teach ultrasound, Imorgon has unparalleled teaching tools that enable saving, anonymizing, and exporting unique studies.

Though strictly not an ultrasound reading solution, large ultrasound departments need the ability to quickly ‘fix’ studies without filling out support requests with IT. Imorgon’s Sonographer QC Workstation enables sonographers to correct patient and study information, split or merge studies, delete images, add or edit annotations, and make measurements.

Of course, Imorgon seamlessly integrates with your existing PACS workstations including automatically launching Imorgon upon selecting an ultrasound exam from a worklist.

Streamlined Ultrasound Reporting Automation Software

At Imorgon, we understand the importance of reporting quality and efficiency in healthcare. We offer professional services in addition to our state-of-the-art products to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investments. With Imorgon, you can enhance the quality of your reports while saving time and minimizing the risk of errors.

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