Eliminating Barriers, Restoring Excellence

Imorgon’s mission is to empower ultrasound technology, in so doing realizing its excellence. Through these efforts, clinicians can conduct smoother and quicker ultrasound exams, which are at the same time more precise and thorough. Radiology departments become fundamentally more effective in terms of technological and human performance. Healthcare organizations realize not only ultrasound’s full diagnostic potential, but its fiscal potential as well. And in the final analysis, patients benefit from a higher level of care that is also perceived as patient centered.

The Pillars of Our Commitment

Our vision is to eliminate technological barriers that impair the quality, precision, accuracy and workflow efficiency of ultrasound studies. To that end, four core values drive Imorgon’s operational and product development efforts:

1. Uncompromised patient care

We share your commitment to giving every patient the best care possible, a fact reflected throughout the design of the Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™.

2. Ultrasound innovation and advocacy

We believe deeply in the power, promise and efficacy of the ultrasound modality. We’ve devoted our careers to improving the quality and dependability of ultrasound, having pioneered and patented many technologies that remain in widespread use today. Innovative products like the Imorgon System are fostering a resurgence of this proven but underutilized diagnostic modality.

3. Clinical confidence

Clinicians need diagnostic tools that are consistent, reliable and effective. Our passion is to provide solutions that bolster competence and confidence in your diagnostic process.

4. Cost control

We understand the intensified demand on healthcare providers today to do more with less. Accordingly, our products deliver the performance, value and reliability you require to optimize returns on your ultrasound imaging investment.