Reporting Automation & Ultrasound Reading Products

At Imorgon, we specialize in providing custom reporting automation solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of the entire reporting process, from Radiology reporting to Ultrasound reading.

Reporting Automation

There are two efforts that together improve the reporting process. First is the transfer of measurements from a number of data sources including imaging modalities such as CT, DEXA, or ultrasound. Modality measurements are sent using a DICOM SR protocol into software, such as Imorgon’s Report Accelerator, and then into an enterprise reporting system. A second effort in reporting automation is the creation of custom ultrasound electronic worksheets. Electronic worksheets revolutionize workflow by eliminating the randomness of handwritten notes and providing consistent checklists and input into reporting packages. Imorgon’s Report Accelerator product provides the benefits of automating by handling both of these use-cases.

Measurements, Data Transfer, and DICOM SR

Transferring measurement data in DICOM SR or other structured information is the first reporting automation step. Many take advantage of additional capabilities such as processing measurements to ensure units (mm vs cm), digits of precision (x.xx vs x.x) , and even max/min/avg values are consistent across different vendors. Report Accelerator can handle DICOM SR peculiarities from ultrasound vendors to eliminate the problem of measurements not coming across occasionally. Report Accelerator eliminates time consuming dictation by supporting any modality that creates structured data formats, such as DICOM SR, CSV and XML files. Imorgon’s professional services work with you to fulfill your data transfer needs.

Ultrasound Worksheets and Templates

We offer customizable electronic worksheets and templates that eliminate the need for handwritten notes and worksheets. Our worksheets improve report speed and quality by transferring findings directly into the radiologist’s structured report rather than just saving an image of the worksheet. They also serve as a checklist and training tool for newer employees, travelers, or off-hour employees, ensuring the completeness of an exam. Together with DICOM SR, electronic worksheets improve report speed and quality of ultrasound reporting.

Our new ScanSide product provides instant access to prior worksheets, notes, and images at the ultrasound system. It is formatted to work on touchscreen devices, so completing worksheets is done more quickly, even on portables. We estimate an additional 20% effort reduction by eliminating the need to find and interact with workstations.

ScanSide – Imorgon’s ultrasound worksheet running on a tablet

Ultrasound Reading

Traditional PACS reading stations can lead to an inflexible and suboptimal exam review experience due to common limitations, such as the segregation of clips to the end of an exam or a different series. Additionally, some viewing stations do not play clips at true frame rates or the entire clip length, preventing proper review of an ultrasound contrast agent (CEUS) study.

SpeedRead – Imorgon’s newest ultrasound viewing product

And now, with SpeedRead, our newest View product, we offer breakthrough reading features that separate us from the newest multi-modality viewers. SpeedRead enables reviewing cases by ‘protocol-step’, preventing issues like missing relevant images and easing prior reviews. Another feature allows for the easy finding of relevant images from a measurement in a report with just one click. These features may offer an additional 20% effort reduction compared to current ultrasound PACS viewing workstations.

Our integration with existing enterprise PACS allows you to take advantage of these benefits in any environment.

Sonographer QC Workstation

The Sonographer QC workstation enhances productivity within an ultrasound department by facilitating various ‘exception’ activities without the need for IT support tickets. This workstation enables tasks such as splitting or merging patient studies, correcting image labeling, rectifying patient name or ID errors, and managing other study exceptions. Additionally, it allows users to reorder or delete images from recently completed studies. Similar to the dedicated Radiologist Workstation, the Sonographer QC workstation effectively addresses the most common issues.

Imorgon Server

The Imorgon server powers all Imorgon solutions – storing custom worksheets, powering unique DICOM SR parsing capabilities, and prefetching images. It can solve workflow problems that routers and PACS systems often struggle with. Imorgon servers process millions of exams annually at leading academic institutions and are part of every Imorgon purchase.

Thank you for considering Imorgon for your reporting automation and ultrasound reading needs. We are committed to serving you with the best products and services.